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Tiktok banned in India

Indian government has decided to ban tiktok app. Not only tiktok but fifty eight other app also. According to source these Chinese app were stealing our data which made our government to take decision i.e. to ban the apps in India With the ban of tiktok many people are happy …

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Perfect Rep Ranges for Building Muscle

You have heard people saying high reps for cuts, while low reps for building muscle. Well, enough of the bro science. Now look at what real science has to say about it.  There are basically two types of muscle hypertrophy or muscle growth. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy In this type of training …

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Deep Pressure = “Depression”

Depression Is depression a disease or is it a disorder? No, it’s nothing of both according to me, the word itself defines “deep pressure” and where the person is in a bad state of mind and is not able to bust out his/her thoughts or feelings with any other person …

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Best Hairfall solution .

Today a very common problem in both men and women  is hair fall ehich is a very big issue in terms of everyone and Here is the solution for it . Today we will tell you the oil which can help you to Regrowth your gone hairs and stop your …

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India-china face off again at border

Its been a year of total disaster. A recent news has came from the India china border in ladakh at Galwan valley that there was a face off between the troops of Indian and china that became very violent in the end resulting in a huge lose for the country. …

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Murder or Suicide??

 A well-planned murder or making a guy commit suicide is one and the same thing. Last Sunday unexpected news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide had made many people sad and a piece of news is being spread all over that the suicide was committed due to depression which he …

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