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What Is Covied 19 and why the shell in india

As we know the world is suffering from pandemic i.e. Corona virus. So far the safety measures of citizens of our country, government in initial days have taken decision to make lockdown.
As the cases arises lockdown has also been extended and due to that all factories and industries were also closed. So, the major problem is if any brand or or company will not earn then how came possible that company will pay to it’s employees.
So therefore, company started to dismiss it’s employees. Therefore workers, office-holders, migrant labourers getting unemployed. And not in one state but it started all over the country.
Therefore, from this lockdown unemployment started. For example if there are seven to eight workers then two to three workers have been kept.
In country like India unemployment was the major issue before also and after lockdown, unemployment emerges as a disease. And day to day it is increasing on a higher scale.
So therefore, government should take some measures regarding this problem. As, corona cases are increasing day by day unemployment ratio is increasing day by day.
Not in rural, metropolitan city or urban area it is a major problem everywhere. As company’s are starting once again so they are not taking new workers or promoting vacancies.
This problem arises everywhere wheither it is small scale business or large scale business. Now-a-days it is clearly seen in villages that not even the migrant workers are getting paid off.
Therefore, government should take important measures to overcome from this problem.
A proper scheme should be launch by State government or Central government for respective feild worker to get employment

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