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How to Earn money online ? For beginners

How to Earn money online ?
This lockdown has forced all of us to stay at home. And it is necessary for us to stay at home to help the country getting rid of this virus covid-19. Having said that we want to earn some money while staying at home. Here are some way that you can do so.
1)Getting your ebook published
Now a day, it is very easy for anyone to be a book writer. All you have to do, go to amazon Kindle and get your book published for free.
2) Writing a Blog
Just like writing a book. You can certainly write a blog on any pages by reaching them. And as you content reaches to many people,you will start getting paid.
3) Video Creation
It is era of internet, you can always create videos and upload on video streaming platform like YouTube. It is also a stable place to be at for earning money.
4) Teaching Something
If you have any hobby in which you are good at. You can take online classes on that topic. If you are good at teaching or playing an instrument, teach people around you, it will get you money and satisfaction at the same time.
5) Graphic Design
It is also a domain where there is a lot potential for growth.
Start learning graphic design from internet and start working on making graphic for online site, application and many more.And you will get paid fairly decent on this.

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