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Tiktok banned in India

Indian government has decided to ban tiktok app. Not only tiktok but fifty eight other app also. According to source these Chinese app were stealing our data which made our government to take decision i.e. to ban the apps in India

With the ban of tiktok many people are happy while many are sad. Some are giving opinion that with the ban of tiktok many Indians will get unemployed. Which is not fair because these apps were misusing the data of the accounts.
If person has talent then he or she can show their talent on any other platform i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. While few who are sad they don’t have any talent i.e. they only do lipsing on someone sound.
We have clearly seen in tiktok that the people who only do lipsing on other songs or content has more followers while in comparison to those who have talent. So, this clearly shows that tiktok doesn’t promote content. 

In the past few days we have seen how hatred videos in the name of religion, community, skin color has been made through tiktok only. Many cringe content videos have promoted to extreme level i.e. 3million plus views on videos.
In the name of talent , in tiktok videos men changes into women while women changes into mem videos are been made.
China made this app to timepass in free time but later on in India, people took it so seriously that they have made this platform as a job. As, India has maximum number of tiktok users while in comparison with other countries.
For those people who are sad on it’s ban, don’t be sad. As if you have talent you can show it on other platform to get fame and money.
It was necessary step taken by the government as every citizen data privacy is important. After thinking a lot government has initiated to ban these apps as they were stealing our country’s citizens data.
Indian government has approved total 59 apps to ban in India.

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