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Deep Pressure = “Depression”

Is depression a disease or is it a disorder? No, it’s nothing of both according to me, the word itself defines “deep pressure” and where the person is in a bad state of mind and is not able to bust out his/her thoughts or feelings with any other person so a person itself goes in a deep thought to get the solution to his/her problem. 

Continuous thoughts which are going inside the person mind and the person is not getting the solution to tackle with it and that problems take a person two state of depression.

The world we are in people are so alone that we only talk to each other when we have some work from that person and once the work is done we are busy in our life. 

  • Why are we getting so selfish?
  • Why do people are getting so much indulged only in earning and having a high standard of living?
  • Do the money gives us peace easily? 

  • In today’s world when people have a lot of money we call that person as a successful person right ?

  • Is the journey through which the successful person goes to achieve success do you think it’s without pressure in his or her day-to-day life?

World where it has become a tradition to live alone where we don’ t like anyone even our parents to interfere in our life. Where parents are living alone and child is in some others places working and trying to earn in its fullest has become the part of our culture. The word privacy has become mandatory and taken place in a life in such a way that we love to spend our time all alone rather than sharing it with any other person. Where story, and status has become the source of telling the feelings of a one’s life, ego and self-respect  comes first than being in a good relationship, where putting others down and pulling oneself up has become the source of happiness where relationship has just become give and take, where branded things have become the status of person, and with these things we expect ourselves and others to be without any pressure. Is it possible? 

About 95% people in today’s world somewhere or the other every person is bearing pressure it may related to money, job, relationship, satisfaction, or anything, but I bet to say that everyone in this modernization world is in problem of pressure in their day to day life. Where some goes deep in that pressure and some are able to tackle it easily.

After knowing about many incidence of depression people are approaching each other to share their problems and do you really think the person who is in depression is going to give your call or message and tell you that he or she is not able to cope up with their problem. No, I don’t think so because privacy and compatibility and comfortable these words have taken place in our lives that we don’t feel free to share our feelings with everyone.

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  1. Rightly said!! Each nd every word makes sense to me🙏

  2. Yashavant choudhary

    Once again you have written a good article Amazing! ��

  3. True said … kashni .. its is very beneficial for depression people to know about it.. it will heple them to understand and make them improve … great job kashni…👍👍

  4. It's amazing to read that how simply u explained about depression… As most people out there are in this state of mind coz they don't spend quality time with family as people used to in the past.

  5. I luv the title and complete content… Well written kashni 👏👏

  6. You explained it so well.

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