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Best Hairfall solution .

Today a very common problem in both men and women  is hair fall ehich is a very big issue in terms of everyone and Here is the solution for it .

Today we will tell you the oil which can help you to Regrowth your gone hairs and stop your hair fall problem.

 Castor oil 
Castor oil is very popular among the all medical uses it is said to be the one of the best hair oils for hair Regrowth treatment.

Doctors suggest that it helps preventing dandruff and other scalp infections it is also helpful in reducing hair loss and giving moisture to  our damaged hair.

The oil known as castor oil is extracted from the castor seeds to the process of pressing the castor seeds castor oil is mainly colourless or pale yellow with the very mild order it is very sticky and very thick so the doctors suggest everyone to users with the lighter oil and mix the castor oil in it by mixing the boat component one will Naresh your hair and the castor oil will work for tea growing your hair and from preventing your hair from breakage.

There are many benefits of castor oil if we use it for hair :-

1 . Researchers have prove that castor oil helps simulating hair growth and reduce the dandruff .

2 . Castor oil also contains ricinoleic acid which help to reduce irritation in hair.

3 . Overall castor oil contains Omega 6 fatty acid which improve overall health of the hare and our hair texture.

4 . Doctors also states that castor oil makes our hair dark and prevent it from being white.

5 . Studies also show that castor oil helps reduce hair loss with removing split ends and hair damage.

The only side effect of castor oil is that using it too much can cause hair become hard and Tangled handset is important to use it in twice or once in a week.

How to use Castor Oil counter “HAIR LOSS”

A . You have to take some castor oil in your palm and apply it on your scalp to the roots with your finger tips ( as the same way you apply a regular oil ). Because castor oil is very thick hair in density apply it little so it will be not difficult to wash it .( make sure you do not use too much oil because it’s thicker and it will be quiet hard for you to remove it from your hairs ).

B . Leave the oil before the bath for minimum 15 to 20 minutes . You can also leave it overnight fir best results .

C . Once you wash your hair towel dry it and avoid using any heat appliances like hair dryer immediately.

This treatment works best on the slightly damp hair. Your hair might feel moisterize but it will take a while before you see any results. So keep doing it once or twice a week for better results in upcoming months .

Castor oil is easily available on every medical shop.

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